Final RCSI MiniMed Lecture

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Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) MiniMed Open Lecture Series concluded with lectures discussing ‘What can my Pharmacist do for me?’ and will also focus on generic medicines and internet pharmacies.

RCSI Pharmacists at the Brown Bag medicine review event

Professor Paul Gallagher, Head of the RCSI School of Pharmacy, gave the opening talk of the evening with a lecture entitled Potions, Lotions and Health Promotion – What can my Pharmacist do for me?

Gallagher said, “The role of the pharmacist in modern healthcare delivery is changing and there is a growing acceptance of the need to shift the model of healthcare toward service delivery in the primary care setting. Pharmacists are a relatively under-utilised resource in the community whose expertise, if properly exploited, could make a valuable contribution to improving the health and well-being of the Irish people and their families. We will also provide some key information to the public in regards to generic medicines and internet pharmacies.”

A pharmacy ‘Brown Bag’ event ran parallel to the second lecture at RCSI. The lecture allowed members of the public to bring all of their medication and supplements to an appointment with an RCSI pharmacist. The pharmacist sat down with each participant and reviewed the medication they are taking and gave some advice.

Speaking on the Brown Bag medicine review event, Professor Gallagher continued, ‘The aim of such an event is, ultimately to improve participants’ understanding of their medicines, answer any questions they have and improve communication and the relationship between patients and their pharmacist.’ The Brown Bag event was co-ordinated by Michelle Flood, Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy.

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