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The Cosmetic Association Christmas Trade Show 2019

The Cosmetic Association was formed over 30 years ago to offer the Pharmacy sector a one-stop-shop for their Christmas trade. As the years went by, exhibitors took the opportunity of introducing new brands at the Trade Fair and this was a welcome addition. For Buyers to see a full stand of cosmetics, or a display of perfumes, or a range of jewelry or a display of wrapping / bags, in one day, and in one place, is a huge benefit.

As the years have gone by their event has grown in many ways. Exhibitors have increased in numbers and the variety of products available is beyond measure. This year is said to be better than ever with exciting new companies and lovely new brands being exhibited.

The event will be the most colourful to date and they hope you will all enjoy your visit. Remember, they have free parking within the RDS grounds and you receive a voucher for coffee and a pastry when you register.

The event is scheduled for May 19th 20th and 21st, in the Main Hall and Hall 3, in the RDS, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Registration is available at the door.

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