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Avène’s expert sun care all skin will love

This spring, Eau Thermale Avène have announced that they excited to update its extensive, award-winning sun care portfolio with five new additions to the range.

The new range of sun care, which is suitable for all skin types, includes a sports sun cream, a city shield BB-style high protection face cream, two new SPF body sprays and a new children’s sun cream. Each product contains the expertly formulated, patented SunSitive protection. Its photoprotective complex offers effective, stable and long-lasting protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The unique formula also contains a power antioxidant – Pre-Tocopheryl, a vitamin E precursor which protects the skin cells from free radicals.

The water resistant formula in each of the products is both hyperallergenic and non-comedogenic and is rich in naturally soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water to ensure sensitive skin is calmed and protected throughout the day.

The minimal sun filters and reduced filter concentration are gentle on skin while also reducing the impact of sunscreen on the marine environment. Eau Thermale Avène has partnered with the Pur Project, a program in Indonesia aimed at reviving and preserving coral reefs and preserving the marine ecosystem. More than 800 corals were planted in 2017, and more than 1000 corals were conserved.

Offering long-lasting sun protection, water-resistance and hydration, Avène’s latest sun care range allows you to care for your skin, whatever the weather!

  • Avène B-Protect SPF 50+ (RRP €17.00)
  • Very High Protection SPF 30+ (RRP €22.00)
  • Sport Fluid SPF 50+ (RRP €22.00)
  • Very High Protection Lotion for Children SPF 50+ (€20.50)
  • Very High Protection Spray 50+ (RRP €23.50)

Avène products are only available from pharmacies nationwide.



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