Next Phase of High Tech Hub

The next phase of the High Tech Hub was due to roll out at the start of this month (1st June). This will include Rheumatology, Dermatology and Gastroenterology. IVF, PAH and Cystic Fibrosis medicines are currently ordered through the Hub.

In the case of three products – Idebenone (Raxone®) and Ataluren (Translarna®), which have been available through the Hub since 1 May, and Dimethyl Fumerate (Skilarence®), which will be included for ordering through the Hub from 1 June – the HSE is adopting a zero tolerance approach. If prescriptions for these products are not generated through the Hub, the medicine cannot be ordered by the pharmacy and the High Tech fee cannot be claimed. Prescribers must input prescriptions for these products directly on to the High Tech Hub to ensure the patients meet the reimbursement criteria.

The HSE has advised us that they have engaged with the relevant consultant prescribers in relation to this and that the prescribers are aware of the requirement to input prescriptions for these products directly onto the High Tech Hub. High Tech prescription forms generated on the Hub are prefaced by ‘HTH’. For Skilarence, a High Tech Hub prescription only needs to be generated on the Hub for newly initiated patients.

The contact details for the High Tech Hub are / 01 864 7135. The FAQs and User Guide are available on the Help section of the High Tech Hub. Patients with concerns can contact the HSE at or phone 041 685 0300 or 1850 241 850.

No doubt there will be some problems with the change to these services from 1 June. If you have any questions or comments on centralisation of the LTI Scheme or on the High Tech Hub, contact Derek or Aoife in the Contract Unit on or call 01 406 1557. We will be raising all issues and concerns with the HSE in order to have them resolved.

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