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Celebrating the launch of Dermedic an Award-Winning Brand!

What is Dermedic®?

Dermedic® is one of the fastest growing dermo-cosmetic brands dedicated to the pharmaceutical market with products now available in more than 30 countries worldwide. Their passion and knowledge allow them to gain the position of a strong player on the European market and they are proud to also be available in the Republic of Ireland as from June 2019.

Dermedic® offers affordable specialist skin care products available from pharmacies which differ greatly from mass market cosmetics. They are recommended by health care professionals for sensitive, allergic and problematic skin conditions such as skin susceptible to acne, capillary, atopic or dehydrated skin; providing both prophylactic and complementary topical skin care solutions that can be used in conjunction with prescription treatments for numerous skin ailments.

Compliant with High Standards of Quality

Dermedic® products are formulated by clinically trained and experienced dermatologists with a focus on patient wellbeing and pharmaceutical quality standards. The creation process of all products follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which guarantees the highest manufacturing quality; with all products made in the EU. Dermedic® is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

They pride themselves with their ingredient selection. They use thermal water that is of high-grade purity that is sourced from an artesian spring located in Central Europe and with their unique patented formulations.

The products support the enduring objective of dermatologists to restore the skin’s correct functioning, which is why their effectiveness is necessitated by the high expectations of skin care specialists. The trust placed in the Dermedic® brand is reflected in numerous recommendations by both dermatologists and paediatricians. Additional recommendations by experts and independent research institutes are to us a confirmation of the recognition of the brand.

“Golden Cross Pharma is duly represented by Kurt Micallef Lowell. We offer in-pharmacy complementary services that include in-store promotional activities and demonstrations to aid in pharmacy sales, training to assist the pharmacist and the sales teams provide customers with all the latest information and personalised skin-analysis sessions to present patients with the best product choice.”

Get in touch with the team leader Kurt Lowell on +356 99203439  /  and benefit from our introductory offers. More details available at

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