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PHYTO: After sun care for your hair


Most do not consider the harsh consequences of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays that can result in our signature locks becoming dull, damaged and dehydrated. Furthermore, the aggressive impact of sand and sea on our scalp and hair needs to be addressed. Like our skin, our hair too needs the essential aftercare to restore it to its pre-sun vitality!

PhytoPlage – the Sun protection range from Phyto

We put a huge emphasis on sun protection in the summer months for our entire bodies, but do you count your hair in this? Most people do not, and forgetting about protecting your hair can lead to some unsatisfactory results. Our hair will not show sunburn symptoms like our face and body would, but if we do not protect the hair then it can become dull, dry and dehydrated.  So before you start putting suncream all over your body, remember to apply a protective sun oil, and after sun protection like the Phytoplage After-Sun Recovery Mask.

Phytoplage After-Sun Recovery Mask is perfect for anyone looking to replenish their hair after spending time in the sun.

This is an after-sun replenishing mask to hydrate, nourish, and repair even the most sun-damaged hair. It will rejuvenate sun-damaged hair, provide intense moisture, replenishment and lasting hydration and nourishment

Phytoplage After-Sun Recovery Mask RRP €20 – available in pharmacies nationwide.

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