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Announcement from Dermal Laboratories – Capasal Shampoo

Advertising for Capasal shampoos  

During winter, changes in temperature from cold winds, hot central heating and layers of woolly or fleecy clothes may make dry and itchy skin conditions worse.


A number of triggers may irritate the skin and scalp and can cause flare-ups, these include stress and other environmental factors.1,2 These seasonal triggers may lead to an increase in patients coming into pharmacy asking for recommendations for dry, scaly scalp conditions.


Dermal are promoting the Capasal shampoo range with advertising to the general public in national newspapers, supplements and magazines. Capasal shampoo comes in two formulations:

  • CAPASALTM THERAPEUTIC SHAMPOO is a specially formulated medicinal shampoo for the treatment of dry scaly scalp conditions such as seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis and dandruff. It has a triple action formulation to remove scales and relieve itching, with coconut oil to condition the hair.


  • CAPASALTM HERBAL SHAMPOO with 2% tea tree oil and coconut oil is an alternative to medicinal coal tar shampoos to help manage dandruff.


For patients with dry scaly scalp conditions, remember Capasal shampoo with moisturising coconut oil.




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