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Sustainable fish oil brand Aqua Biome launches two innovative Omega 3 supplements

Aqua Biome Fish Oil is available in Classic Strength and Maximum Strength bringing all the best benefits of fish oil with none of the usual contaminants.

Aqua Biome, a new sustainable and innovative fish oil supplement brand, has launched two products to the market which are available from leading pharmacies including Boots and health food stores nationwide.


A fish oil like no other, Aqua Biome is the world’s first fish oil with DPA, known as the “missing omega”. The unique Aqua Biome formulas are based on cutting edge science to ensure optimal benefits for the body, providing the perfect blend of the three omegas DPA, EPA and DHA.

DPA is the missing omega 3 that most other fish oils don’t know about. The unique Aqua Biome blend of DPA, EPA & DHA helps create and support a healthy microbiome, which has an array of positive impacts on the entire body. The crucial omega DPA can be converted to either EPA or DHA by the body as its required. This is the ultimate natural ratio of omega’s, and is now understood to be more beneficial for human health than EPA and DHA alone.

Adding Aqua Biome to your daily routine can help create a healthy microbiome, which can help promote:

  • Proper digestion
  • Healthy energy levels
  • Healthy skin
  • Balanced mood
  • Immune system support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Brain and joint health.

Soy, gluten and dairy free, the Aqua Biome range includes;

Aqua Biome Fish Oil – Classic Strength – 60, 1200mg soft gels with all the omega 3 benefits for a vibrant microbiome. Two soft gels to be taken daily with food – RRP – € 33.99

Aqua Biome Fish Oil – Maximum Strength – 60, 2000mg soft gels uniquely crafted for the ultimate level of support. Two soft gels to be taken daily with food – RRP – € 44.99

Speaking about the new products, Chief Science Officer for Enzymedica and formulator of Aqua Biome, Dr. Michael Murray said, “The importance of gut health and in particular creating a healthy microbiome, is a leading discussion in the world of health today. Creating the ultimate blend of omega 3 in fish oil supplements is an effective way to achieve this. Aqua Biome utilises advanced technology to produce the purest fish oil on the planet and is specifically formulated to provide the greatest benefit to the microbiome containing the crucial missing omega, DPA, bringing the best benefits of fish oil”.

Created via sustainable methods, every bottle of Aqua Biome contributes toward saving ocean coral reefs and supports its partnership with Mote Marine’s Coral Reef Rebuilding Program. A portion of each Aqua Biome purchase helps restore 1,000 acres of coral reef life which harbour 25% of all marine life, including one million species of fish, invertebrates and algae.

The Aqua Biome range can be purchased from leading pharmacies including Boots and health food stores nationwide.



For further information and to arrange interviews with Dr. Michael Murray please contact:

Ian Collins – Presence PR –  01-6761062

Lia Stokes– Presence – 01-6761062



What Is Your Microbiome?

Not only does the gut contain good bacteria, but an entire world of microbes is present. This is known as the microbiome and it affects everything from energy levels to immune system. Advancing research is revealing that this microbiome may be more influential than one’s own genes in affecting the body’s health.

What is DPA?

This is the omega-3 other fish oils don’t know about. A full 40% of the very long chain fatty acids in Mothers breast milk is DPA, so our bodies are designed by nature to use it. As well has having several unique characteristics and benefits in our bodies as DPA, our bodies also convert DPA into EPA and/or DHA as each individual needs.  We are all unique individuals, and what our bodies need in terms of EPA & DHA is also unique. DPA is the game changer.

Aqua Biome has exceeded quality control and earth friendly standards by becoming the first fish oil to earn Clean Label Project’s certification. Clean Label is a third party organisation, independently testing for accurate label claims and verifying that there are no potentially harmful substances above and beyond the regular standards. No other fish oil has such testing.


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