Philanthropist Award for Ade

Stacks Pharmacy Group Managing Director, Adrienne Stack has just been announced as Local Philanthropist of the Year. Adrienne was Informed by her own family’s experience, Adrienne set up Hugh’s House in memory of her son Hugh and in support of other families with very sick children; providing a ‘home from home’ for them in the city centre while their children are in hospital. She has given significant personal and financial resources to the project.

The 2020 Philanthropist of the Year Awards are hosted by The Community Foundation for Ireland, one of Ireland’s largest philanthropic organisations as a way to recognise and celebrate extraordinary leadership and generosity in the area of philanthropy.

Speaking about the 2020 awards, Tina Roche, Chief Executive, The Community Foundation for Ireland, said society should not underestimate the positive role philanthropists play in raising awareness of the value and impact of strategic giving.

“Now in its 12th year, The Community Foundation for Ireland’s Philanthropist of the Year Awards recognises extraordinary leadership in philanthropy. Whilst acknowledging that many people who give back prefer to do so in a low profile and anonymous way, we see the need for positive role models to create a ripple effect of generosity throughout Ireland. Previous Philanthropist of the Year Winners have achieved significant feats through their philanthropy and we hope this award continues to showcase that great work and demonstrate the potential that philanthropy holds.”


Pictured is Vodafone’s Liam O’Brien, Stephen Vernon, National Philanthropist of the Year and Adrienne Stack, Local Philanthropist of the Year (Pic Jason Clarke)

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