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Best Pain Relief Product 2020 – Brupro Max 400mg from Rowex

OTC & Retails Pharmacy Product Awards

Brupro Max 400mg from Rowex won the Best Pain Relief category, making it a double win for Rowex within the 2020 OTC & Pharmacy Retail Product Awards.

Brupro Max 400mg Film-coated tablets work where they’re needed – at the site of pain. They quickly relieve pain, reduce in ammation and lower temperature. Brupro Max provides fast and effective relief from areas of pain such as headache, dental pain, muscular pain and cold and flu symptoms.

The pain relief market within Ireland is consistently rising.Pain relief products will continue to be in strong demand, with consumers leading busier and more stressful lifestyles, and seeking analgesics for pain relief, particularly from tension and headaches.

More active consumers are also likely to require more pain relief for injuries.OTC analgesics used to treat pain can sometimes be particularly difficult for patients to self-manage. Community pharmacists and their teams have an opportunity to educate and advise within this area.

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Brupro Max Ibuprofen 400mg Tablets 24 PACK - Pharma Direct

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