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RELIFE Relizema Cream by A Menarini, won the Best Skincare Product for 2020.

This innovative product helps to manage conditions like eczema, dermatitis and dry and sensitive skin.

It is the first RELIFE product range to be rolled out in pharmacies nationwide. Ireland is the first country in the world outside of Italy to launch RELIFE as a dermatology (over-the-counter OTC) brand.

The Relizema product range, which consists of six products, is aimed at managing eczema, dermatitis and dry and skin conditions in adults and children using a three-pronged approach – ‘Treat, Protect and Cleanse’.

RELIFE’s Relizema cream helps to treat the symptoms of itching and redness, which are associated with dermatitis. Due to its derma-protective action, it helps maintain and restore the physiological skin barrier and its formulation protects and moisturises the skin with a soothing effect.

The quest for youth is expected to continue among both male and female consumers. The global skincare market is fast growing and expansive, vast and evolving quickly with forecasts that indicate a global market of 81.9 billion in 2028, growing significantly from 44.1 billion in 2018.

Judges comments: “This is a great product and a new innovation for the Irish market within the skincare category. It is still relatively new and in its infancy with regards to roll-out here but feedback from consumers has been excellent and a I predict a large following.”

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