Best Natural Product – Alflorex

Alflorex® is a groundbreaking product for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a condition that affects up to 1 in 7 people in Ireland every day.

Its innovation led to it being chosen as the winner of the Best Natural Product in the 2020 OTC Retail &
Pharmacy Product Awards.

More and more consumers are in search of natural solutions to their ailments, including both homeopathic remedies and supplements supportive of a healthier lifestyle.

Driven by consumer interest in all things natural, the market for natural products available over-the-counter has increased over the last number of years. Consumers are purchasing these for both prevention and immune boosting properties as well as to help aid healing when they are sick.

Alflorex® is taken daily to manage and prevent recurrence of all of the main IBS symptoms. The bacterial culture in Alflorex, 35624®, was discovered and developed in Ireland by small Irish company, PrecisionBiotics.

It is one of the bestselling IBS products in pharmacies in Ireland (IQVIA Value Share Nov 2019), consistently
praised and purchased by Irish consumers.

Judges comments: “This product is really excellent, it sells well and is trusted by consumers all over Ireland. It has had a huge impact on those who have tried it and has gathered a large following in use due to its efficacy.”


Best Natural Product – The Finalists

Multi-Mam Compress – Ocean Healthcare
Just Balm – Nia Natural Beauty
One Nutrition B12-Max – Naturalife
ZinCuFlex – PPC Galway

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