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Made in Ireland, Triumph scooped the Best Women’s Health Product for 2020.

Created by women for women

Created by women for women, Irish made Triumph® Monthly Cycle Supplement is ‘The Ultimate All-In-
One Beauty, Energy, Hormonal Activity & Immune System Support Supplement.’ This is the first product in the world that’s designed around the three phases of the monthly cycle.

Containing a months supply of 30 sachets and 30 tablets, all numbered, colour coded and easy to take.

Self-care health issues and care strategies for women’s health is far more wide-reaching than just pregnancy and gynaecology. Research has shown that increased global focus on women’s health disorders and an overall ageing female population are helping to drive growth of the women’s health products over-the-counter.

Today’s women are much more well informed with consumers leaning towards self-care and self-medication and thus the outlook has been witnessing a dramatic transformation in recent years.

Judges Comments: “This is a great product innovation within the female health market. It is attractively packaged with some beneficial and interesting unique selling points. The value of this product to both the pharmacy and the consumer is fantastic.”

Best Women’s Product – The Finalists

Relactagel – Kora Healthcare
Proceive Women – Ocean Healthcare
Vagisil Crème – Brandshapers
Action Iron & B Complex Plus for Women – Solvotrin

View all the winners & finalists HERE

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