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Winner of the Best Oral Product for 2020 is CB12

Clinically proven to actively neutralise bad breath for 12 hours

CB12 mouthwash is different. Thanks to its unique, patented formula of Zinc and Chlorhexidine, it is clinically proven to actively neutralise bad breath for 12 hours.

Oral hygiene (and gum protection) is set to be an important trend among consumers as many younger consumers are aware of the effectiveness of introducing good oral hygiene to their oral care routine.

Growth within the oral care market was been slower in 2019 compared to previous years due largely to a decline in demand for mouth fresheners and a falling need for dentures

Judges comments: “This product has a large following with consumers. The support is there and it is an attractive and strong product within the oral and dental market.”


Best Oral Health Product – The Finalists

Tepe Interdental Brush – Ocean Healthcare
Colgate Total – Primeline
VirtueBrush – Diamond
Head Floss Tip Toothbrush – VirtueBrush
Marvis Toothbrush – Barbers & Groomers

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