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Meagher’s launch first video-call pharmacist service

Meaghers Pharmacy leads the way again with pioneering new service

Meagher’s Pharmacy have launched an innovative new service – for the first time ever customers can have a face-to-face consultation via video service with one of their team of pharmacists. These consultations are conducted through secure video link ensuring confidentiality and privacy. This means Meagher’s customers or their carers can have any queries or concerns around their medicines answered from the comfort and safety of their home. These calls are a reliable replacement for those who staying at home is a matter of priority, and the skilled pharmacists are there to help in any way they can. If you have been prescribed a new medicine by your doctor and would like to know more about it, including how it should be taken or possible side effects you may experience, Meagher’s pharmacists are on call to offer advice and reassurance and guidance.

In addition, in line with new legislation, your doctor can now send an electronic copy of your prescription directly to Meagher’s using HSE’s secure email system, Healthmail. A Meaghers Pharmacist can then contact you and counsel you on the safe use of your medicines and then arrange to have them delivered directly to your door without ever having to leave your home.

These calls can take place on your mobile phone device, tablet or PC without the need for any additional technology.

Their highly experienced pharmacists are available Monday to Friday 9-6pm.

To request a video call with one of their pharmacists – simply send a request to or call them on their Helpline 01-4853098

*This service does not replace the need for you to visit your GP. Meagher’s Pharmacy cannot dispense any prescription medicines without a legally valid prescription.

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