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Revive Active won the Best Irish Pharmacy Brand category for 2020.

"Everything about this is ideal, great pricing, support and marketing."

Revive Active is an award-winning super supplement with 26 active ingredients working together, helping put back what life takes out.

This super supplement is delivered in individual daily sachets which are added to water or juice offering higher bioavailability as vitamins and minerals dissolved in liquid form are absorbed in the body more easily than in tablet or capsule form.

The unique blend of vitamins and minerals provide a multitude of health benefits which include naturally sustained energy, without the use of sugar and caffeine, as well as contributing to a normal immune system and heart health.

With the unique combination of CoEnzymeQ10 and L-Arginine along with the 24 other active ingredients each sachet delivers multiple benefits.

In an increasingly  borderless world, many consumers are favouring Irish pharmacy brand products. Research has shown that a brand’s country of origin can be as important as other purchasing criteria such as price and quality with many Irish pharmacy shoppers wanting to support local businesses, finding local more trustworthy and more attuned to their needs and wants.


Best Irish Pharmacy Brand Product – The Finalists

Active Iron – Solvotrin
Panadol Extra Soluble – GSK
Ovelle Emollients – Ovelle
Solpa-extra Soluble Tablets – Perrigo

View all the winners & finalists HERE

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