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Nexium Control won the category for Best Pharmacy Only Product 2020.

"Nexium is a useful, trusted and effective product"

Nexium Control is Ireland’s leading pharmacy-only heartburn treatment without prescription* and is one of the fastest growing brands in the GI category.

Since its launch in 2014, it has grown from strength to strength and now accounts for 39% value market share and continues to experience double digit growth of 14% year ending December 2019.

The brand has continued to innovate introducing the mini capsule in 2018 which is an easy to swallow capsule in a convenient bottle format.

A high level of continued marketing support above and below the line is driving its’ overall success together with
continued pharmacy support from the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare representative team.

While more is being done to promote awareness regarding the importance of the safety and appropriate use of OTC drugs, pharmacists are still the patients best resource in the proper selection of OTC products. Moreover, while it is important for all patients to properly use OTC products, individuals of advanced age, individuals with preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes, those currently using prescription drugs and those requiring pharmacy-only products must always consult their pharmacist when considering the use of OTC drugs to avoid possible contraindications, drug interactions, and/or dosing errors.

Judges Comments: “This excellent product sells really well within our pharmacy. It has huge product innovation. Nexium is a useful, trusted and effective product marketed with a good point of sale rapport.”


Best Pharmacy Only Product – The Finalists

Voltarol Emulgel Extra Strength 2% w/w Gel – GSK
Nurofen Rapid Relief Liquid Capsules – Reckitt Benckiser
Benylin Day & Night Tablets – Johnson & Johnson


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