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New website for TheaPamex

TheaPamex, the Irish subsidiary of Laboratoires Théa, Europe’s leading, pioneering, and innovative Eye Health group, has launched its brand-new website

TheaPamex, whose head office is located in Castlebar Co. Mayo employing several jobs to the local community, was introduced to Ireland in 2018. Within only a year it managed to earn the trust of Ophthalmologists, Pharmacists and Consumers all around the country and become their #1 choice for Eye Care.

According to the new website, the award-winning eye care brand are committed to driving innovation, education, and professionalism in improving eye health with a range of 100% preservative-free eye care solutions. The new site offers an educational hub where visitors can learn about eye care and eye conditions. TheaPamex have also
included a handy shopping tool making it easy for visitors to find and purchase the TheaPamex range from stockists around the country. TheaPamex partners, most notably Pharmacists, can access all marketing collateral to help inform, educate, and connect better with their markets. For end users an online symptom checker is also available, where dry eye symptoms can be assessed, and suitable solutions offered. With expert care guaranteed, the brand is uncompromising in its approach to developing the best eye care solutions for its customers. “We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website”, says Yanni Kokosioulis, OTC Marketing Manager. “The site is not only beautifully designed but also has handy tools from a symptoms checker to our stockists list. We wanted a website that provides solutions, information and most of all eye health expertise and education for our valuable partners and the Irish consumers. At TheaPamex, we are passionate about eye health and we believe the strength of the company lies in our people, a team of dedicated, highly motivated, and driven professionals.”

Visit to get up close and personal with Ireland’s number 1 choice for eye health.



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