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Pharmacies urged to review sanitary stock to help millions suffering from intimate skin irritation

Pharmacies and retailers are being urged to review their sanitary stock to help the millions of women who suffer from intimate skin irritations.

The campaign follows a clinical study by feminine care product company Organ(y)c with gynaecologists that evaluated whether there were medical differences observed during the use of conventional, non-cotton sanitary pads compared the use of their 100% organic cotton products. With over 70% of women seeing a major benefit and reduction in swelling, dryness, itchiness, and general irritation when using organic, the results spoke for themselves. However, despite there being over 10,000+ pharmacies in the UK, the options to purchase skin-kind sanitary products are extremely limited with the general view that these are ‘specialist’ online purchases.

“Pharmacies all seem to stock organic or sensitive skin options for other sectors such as make-up, lotions, hair care, vitamins, baby products and food supplements, however, feminine sanitary options appear to be overlooked. The mainstream feminine care providers that are stocked are just not offering healthy and environmentally friendly solutions for the millions of women who suffer from sensitive vaginas,” explains Chloe Case from Organ(y)c.

She explains: “It’s not just considering stock options. We really want all industry relevant staff from doctors to pharmacy employees, and even school nurses and teachers, to start thinking about the advice they are giving to girls and women about the sanitary products they use. Many women may experience vaginal irritation but commonly tend to blame external factors such as tight clothes, synthetic underwear (nylon, lycra), oiled or perfumed toilet paper, the application of many topic cosmetics (deodorant sprays, depilatory wax, aggressive detergents), and even the use of barrier contraceptive, but many wouldn’t even consider that their sanitary products could be causing a problem. We are often made to believe that sanitary products are created with women’s bodies in mind, but the reality is they are not – the chemicals used don’t respect women’s bodies.

“The use of synthetic products can easily alter the physiological environment of vulvovaginal habitat. The skin outside the vagina is sensitive to physical and chemical agents – these tend to damage the skin barrier causing allergic reactions – and most people aren’t aware that many sanitary products may contain plastics, wood pulp, bleach, super absorbent polymers or synthetic fragrances, all of which prevent air from passing freely and in turn stop the skin from breathing naturally.”

Chloe added: “At Organ(y)c our mantra is that women should expect respect when it comes to their feminine care. The big brands need to be more transparent about what goes into their products. Women need to be made aware of the physical effects that using the wrong products can cause so they can make an educated purchase, and pharmacies and retailers need to take responsibility and start stocking a wider range of sanitary care to help those who do suffer from intimate skin irritations.”

Organ(y)c’s 100% certified organic cotton sanitary pads are now the world’s first clinically proven sanitary product to reduce intimate skin irritations. For more information on all Organ(y)c products visit or call +44 (0)1557 870 203.

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