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A new look for McLernons – but still a Continuous Commitment to Pharmacy

McLernons has a long and proud history of serving community pharmacy on the island of Ireland and beyond

McLernons has a long and proud history of serving community pharmacy on the island of Ireland and beyond – a history which dates back over a century and spans five generations. In that way, the business closely mirrors many of its pharmacy customers, working with the sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters of some of its original customers.

It is this growth, alongside their customers, that informs and inspires everything McLernons do, ensuring a continuous evolution as they help other businesses to grow. In 2018, following a review of the company’s position and strategy for growth, they recognised that they needed a new brand identity to ensure that existing and potential new customers, as well as staff and recruits, fully understood what McLernons offered and the extent of their credibility and capability.

From installing the very first computer in pharmacy back in 1982, the business has continuously innovated to bring the latest dispensary and retail technology to community pharmacy. The development of McLernons Retail and McLernons Head Office provided their customers with complete control over every aspect of their business. A patient-centred App, Medi Marshal, was added to the portfolio most recently in 2019 and is now used by over 150,000 patients to reorder their prescriptions and access their dispensing history.

McLernons also await the go ahead on their e-prescribing software which was recognised as the national standard for the Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions in Ireland and is ready to roll out as soon as the Department of Health provides the go-ahead for the national programme.

Heather Dalzell, Client Services Director at The Foundation, part of the Pierce Partnership, said, “The new brand had to communicate the breadth and depth of the services that McLernons now provided and their continuous commitment to working in partnership with their customers to deliver the best support possible. Whilst the business had changed significantly since its inception, its commitment to its fundamental values of building lifelong relationships, providing a family work environment and working to support each other and its customers still remained at its core.”

“McLernons is very much a people-based business and the commitment that they have to their customers comes from their own internal teams and their background in pharmacy. They are uniquely placed to understand the challenges that their customers face and everything they do is designed to make their lives easier. The business is also focused on their wider impact on society as a whole, evidenced in their sponsorship of industry awards, recognising and supporting best practice, as well as donations to all six Schools of Pharmacy throughout Ireland. McLernons see the encouragement of innovation among pharmacists and learning among students to be intrinsic to the relationships they have with the industry.”

She added, “It is this partnership approach and constant commitment to delivering for their customers that inspired the new brand identity, and the creation of a logo based on the infinity symbol, communicating continuous innovation and McLernons’ ability to not only meet their customers’ expectations, but to anticipate and exceed them. The brand identity has now been brought to life on a new website platform, with a bespoke video featuring the people behind the business.”

Keith McLernon, Managing Director at McLernons, said, “We are delighted to have a new brand that communicates McLernons’ continuous focus and dedication to our customers and the pharmacy profession as a whole. Our people are passionate and uncompromising in delivering only the very best for the pharmacies we serve and we are immensely proud of what we have created in partnership with our customers. This new brand is both a recognition of our work to date and a foundation on which to continue to build in the future, supporting our vision and strategic business growth.”

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