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New Dual Action Treatment for Diarrhoea, Dehydration and Stomach Upset

Irish Made Electrolyte and Probiotic Combo now available from Pharmed

MYPRO DIACARE, a new oral rehydration solution with the added benefits of a probiotic strain, has been launched on the Irish market by Mullingar based Pharmed Ltd.

The unique orange flavoured powdered supplement contains electrolytes and probiotic culture to help with rehydration, as well as digestive support, by restoring natural gut flora.

A dual sachet of Diacare contains probiotic on one side and electrolyte on the other, combined for effective relief of diarrhoea and any associated stomach upset.

It is dissolved in water and can be taken by children and adults suffering from diarrhoea, fever or any condition that causes loss of body fluids.

A scientifically balanced blend of glucose, minerals including sodium, magnesium and potassium, and probiotic fibres quickly replenishes water and salt concentration and will help maintain gut flora as normal, supporting digestion.

Taking Diacare helps to reduce the risk of dehydration and restore electrolyte balance, while shortening the duration of any diarrhoea and restoring the acidic pH of the stomach.

The new recovery drink is a handy multi-faceted treatment according to pharmacist, XXXX.

“There is growing evidence for the beneficial effects of probiotics on the digestive system which, combined with a rehydration formula, supports quicker recovery from the debilitating effects of diarrhoea, dehydration and stomach upset”.

Clinical trials show that taking the probiotic featured in Diacare, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, also helps protect against bacterial infections, as this strain has the highest adherence to the gastrointestinal tract, to combat pathogenic bacteria.

Each Diacare box contains 12 dual sachets and is available online at and in pharmacies countrywide with a RRP of €14.95.

A single daily dose can be administered to children, aged over three, while up to four sachets a day can be taken by adults to balance electrolytes and provide probiotic digestive care.

The innovative new dehydration treatment is distributed by Mullingar based Pharmed Ltd.   Sales enquiries can be made via email: or telephone: +353 (0)44 9334602.

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